Grande Ronde River

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4 pm
7 30 year
4 pm


► The best fishing is usually from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

► Get both Oregon and Washington fishing licenses; there's a lot of good water on both sides of the border.

► The river opens for steelhead fishing on September 1, and there may be a few fish present in the lower reaches in Washington, and maybe even around Troy--but not too many; most of the fish will show up in late September and in October when cooler weather draws them out of the Snake.

► If you like traditional tactics, this is your river. Holding water is fairly easy to recognize if you've had any experience with steelheading. The river is not huge, and intimacy is part of its appeal.

► Other anglers, however, feel the Grande Ronde fishes fine with a floating line, traditional tactics and standard summer steelhead swinging flies even when it's cool.

► Because the Grande Ronde will be cooling down, some anglers will go deep with sink-tip lines and standard summer steelhead deep swinging flies in chartreuse and/or purple near the end of the month--if there's been enough rain to make "deep" a possibility.
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