Williamson River

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7 30 year
5 pm
7 30 year
6 pm

Importance by half-month
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Hatches are matched from Westfly's database of "standard" fly patterns.


Size 18-22 Hairwing Dun, Sparkle Dun. Olive body/dark thorax/white wing, or dark brown/white wing

Slow runs, lakes: standard dry fly, chuck-and-sit


Size 18-22 Rusty Spinner. black body, clear wing, or dark brown/white wing

Slow runs, lakes: standard dry fly, chuck-and-sit

► Below Chiloquin, expect hatches in the morning. The hatch will bring 10-17 inch resident trout to the surface, but few of the big migratory rainbows rise for a trico. You'll need high-floating size 22 imitations and a 7X tippet for this hatch.


Size 4-10 Madam X, Daves Hopper, Morrish Hopper. Tan/yellow, olive/yellow, green

Bankwater with grass: standard dry fly


Size 2-10 Woolly Bugger, Bunny Leech, Hale Bopp Leech, Possie Bugger. Black, browns, olives

Lakes; backwaters and slow sections of rivers: count-down-and-retrieve, slow retrieve, wind drift



Size 10-16 Parachute Ant, Ant. Black, brown, red-brown


► This is a difficult river to fish well, and a guide is a good idea for those who are unfamiliar with the river and its ways.

► A Blood Midge in size 18 can work well, too, as does a Soft Hackle; dead-drift the former, and swing the latter.

► Approach prime runs carefully and stay as far back as you can; practice your distance casting before you come here.

► Above Chiloquin, the fishing is more difficult. The regs don't permit fishing from a boat and nearly all the riverbank is private property. And the blasted trout like to hang out where the river is deep and you can't cast to them.

► For the big fish, a size 8-10 olive, brown, or burgundy leech pattern works best. Cast down-and-across, then retrieve your fly with short two-inch pulls.

► There could be fishable numbers of big migratory trout still below Chiloquin, but by this time of year they're well-fed and tired of seeing anglers and artificial flies. They'll soon be on the move, and most of them will be above Chiloquin by the end of the month.
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