Crane Prairie Reservoir

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Hatches are matched from Westfly's database of "standard" fly patterns.


Size 14-16 Quigley Cripple, Film Critic, Hackle Stacker. Gray to tan

Lakes, slow water: chuck-and-sit


Size 14-16 Sparkle Dun, Hairwing Dun, Adams, Comparadun. Gray to tan

Lakes, slow water: chuck-and-sit

► Be prepared to fish all stages of the hatch: nymph, emerger, dun, spinner.

► Hatches have a resurgence around mid-September. These late hatches are usually size 16 insects, and they are a little darker than the Callibaetis you saw earlier in the year.


Size 8-16 Soft Hackle, . Body: black, brown, white; Shroud: tan

Lakes; backwaters and slow sections of rivers: verticle retrieve, slow retrieve


Size 10-16 Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Caddis, X Caddis. Body: black, brown, white, cream

Lakes; backwaters and slow sections of rivers: chuck-and-sit

► These caddis are recognizable by their very long antennae. Evening hatches may occur. Try skating a size 8-10 Goddard Caddis across the surface.


Size 10-22 Chans Chironomid Pupa, Zebra Midge. Black, gray, olive, red, creams, browns


Size 2-10 Woolly Bugger, Bunny Leech, Hale Bopp Leech, Possie Bugger. Black, browns, olives

Lakes; backwaters and slow sections of rivers: count-down-and-retrieve, slow retrieve, wind drift


Size 2-8 Muddler, Woolly Bugger, Clouser Minnow, Possie Bugger. Browns, olives, silver, greens

Lakes; rivers over gravel and cobble, undercut banks: count-down-and-retrieve, slow retrieve, wind drift, deep swing


► You might pick up trout by wind drifting Woolly Buggers or other streamer patterns at the mouths of the channels. Brown, dark olive, or yellow-olive are good colors.

► As the lake begins to cool, trout will scatter. Keep moving when this happens. The trout are there; keep hunting, and don't give up.

► One productive tactic is to slowly retrieve a Blood Midge on a long leader (15 feet minimum, maybe more) with a floating line (no indicator) so the fly creeps near the weed tops. You'll need a floating line if you retrieve this slowly because even an intermediate will sink too fast. This tactic can also work with a size 16 Pheasant Tail .

► If the water is warm, fish will stack up in the Deschutes and Cultus channels and around the Rocky Point area.

► The best fishing will be from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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