List of Legacy Feature Articles

Review: 40 Great American Trout Flies by Craig Schuhmann. Should be on your bookshelf whether you tie flies or not.

Can the Deschutes Be Saved? by Scott Richmond. The Deschutes River is the crown jewel of Oregon fly fishing and river recreation. The river's native fish--and wildlife and river-based businesses and communities--are threatened by a change in how the river is managed. What is being done to ensure

The Next Generation by Scott Richmond. Who will care for and manage the fish and watersheds of the future? The children of today! Mia Shepherd talks to Westfly about how to introduce the next generation to the outdoors. Audio, 6:30.

A Tale of Two Fish by Scott Richmond. Two fish: one big and strong, the other small and deformed. Which one deserves respect? MP3 audio, 4:39.

Life and Death and Fly Fishing by Scott Richmond. Is fly fishing really a matter of life and death?

Go Fly Fishing and Stop Sex Slavery! (Really!) by Scott Richmond. Sex slavery is a worldwide scourge that destroys the lives of innocent children. Bucky Buchstaber explains how you can go fly fishing AND keep potential victims from falling prey to this heinous industry. Listen to the interview, then go to the websi

Review: Strip-Set, by George Daniel by Rex Baldwin. Comprehensive guide to streamer fishing for large trout, including many fly patterns and tactics.

Review: Inside Out by Jason Atkinson by Scott Richmond. Find out what ODFW's newest Commissioner thinks about fishing!

Coming Soon! New Fly Fishing Blockbuster Movies! by Scott Richmond. Several sure-fire fly fishing blockbuster movie plots.

Review: Fishpond Swiveling Retractor by Scott Richmond. Tool retractors--"zingers"--are useful device . . . until they fall off. Fishpond has a slick zinger that grips firmly and rotates. Very useful!

Thanks to the Birds! by Scott Richmond. Uncle Fuzzy goes to the Deschutes and snatches victory from the jaws of defeat by watching a few small birds.

Review: Fishing Mount Hood Country by Scott Richmond. For many Oregon-based Westflyers, Mount Hood is practically in their backyard. This book will help them explore the fly fishing options.

Guest Review: Challenge of the Trout by Duane Dunham. Duane Dunham reviews Gary LaFontaine's 1983 classic, Challenge of the Trout. Has anyone written a better book since then?

Review: Leatherman Style CS Multitool by Scott Richmond. Uncle Fuzzy is not a fan of gadgets, especially those that try to do lots of things at once. However, there are exceptions, like this one. He won't leave home without it!

Destinations: Cuba, Anyone? by Scott Richmond. Cuba is not a destination many American anglers think about. Perhaps they should think again! Learn about fly fishing in Cuba in this audio interview. Audio, 8:55

Review: The Oddballs by Scott Richmond. In this short book, Jeff Morgan takes you on a tour of unusual trout foods and their imitations. Includes an audio interview with Jeff.

Review: Fall Run Vest from Simms by Scott Richmond. If you live in Westfly Land, you need a vest! Simms has a dandy.

Catherine Creek Restoration Project by Scott Richmond. Catherine Creek, a tributary of the Grande Ronde River, is a small stream. However it is vital to salmon/steelhead recovery in the Snake River Basin. With help from Westfly, Western Rivers Conservancy has acquired a key piece of land surrounding Cath

Video Review: Smallmouth Fly Tactics by Scott Richmond. For better or worse, smallmouth bass are abundant in the Columbia River Basin. Joe Warren's high quality video shows how fly anglers can pursue them.

Review: Trout From Small Streams by Dave Hughes by Scott Richmond. Want to take up fly fishing? Or, have you been doing it a while and are tired of crowded rivers? Discover--or rediscover--small streams. Dave Hughes latest book tells you what you need to know.

Westfly Helps Preserve N. Santiam Fish Habitat by Scott Richmond. In 2012, Westfly made a donation to the Western Rivers Conservancy to help purchase farmland that was about to become a gravel mine. Instead it will be a key part of wild steelhead and salmon recovery for the Willamette basin. Video.

What Trout Unlimited is Doing in SW Oregon by Scott Richmond. Dean Finnerty, TU's man for SW Oregon, tells Wetfly how, what, and why he is tasked with protecting salmon and steelhead in the Elk River and Oregon O and C Lands. And what the heck is an "O and C"? MP3 audio, about 12:30.

Video Postcard from New Zealand by Scott Richmond. Short video from New Zealand's north island. Warning: contains fish porn.

Combating the Red Menace! by Scott Richmond. In a secret location . . . a former spy . . . does epic battle . . . with invading REDS! Video, 3:20

Premonitions of the Steelhead Kind by Scott Richmond. What should you do when your fly fishing enters The Twilight Zone?

Casting for Recovery by Scott Richmond. Uncle Fuzzy becomes a Pond Pal for a Casting for Recovery Retreat--which you all helped to make happen!--at Black Butte Ranch. You can watch the VIDEO or just listen to the audio feed--works either way! About 6:00.

Drones Battle Over Deschutes! by Scott Richmond. I've seen the future of steelhead fly fishing.

Review: Fishing in Oregon by Scott Richmond. The latest edition--the eleventh--is now available. How good is it? And should you buy it if you have an older edition?

Review: Orvis Guide to Carp by Scott Richmond. Fly fishing for carp is a hot topic. Will this slick book help you get started?

Project Healing Waters by Scott Richmond. Project Healing Waters is a program for disabled veterans. The vets learn fly fishing skills and go on outings, such as the covered here, on September 5 to the Nestucca tidewater on the Oregon coast. VIDEO, 3:48.

How to Plan Your Fishing Adventure by Scott Richmond. Ken Moorish of Flywater Travel tells us how to pick, plan, and prepare for a fly fishing adventures--all over the world! Audio.

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership by Scott Richmond. I tried to bring Theodore Roosevelt back from the grave for an interview, but the seance failed. So this is the next best thing: his spirit lives on in a conservation organization that most people aren't aware of. Learn more! Audio.

eBook Review: River Stories by Tom Alkire by Scott Richmond. Tom Alkire's eBook is a pleasure to read--and easy on the pocketbook, too!

Southern Oregon Fly Fishing Opportunities by Scott Richmond. Southern Oregon abounds with excellent fly fishing opportunities. Will Johnson of the Ashland Fly Shop tells you about them. MP3 Audio.

Uncle Fuzzy's Trip to the Bordello by Scott Richmond. Uncle Fuzzy goes to a Bordello and tells you all about it. Photos! Note: Contains material that may be objectionable to some listeners. MP3 Audio.

Managing Wildlife on the Rez by Scott Richmond. How do you manage fish and wildlife on a large Reservation where Indians are a small minority of the people? Or when the fish and critters are not actually on the Reservation? Scott Richmond interviews biologists from the Flathead and Kalispell Reser

More Than a Wide Spot on the Way to Montana by Scott Richmond. Most fly anglers whiz past Wallace, Idaho, on their way to Montana on I-90. Uncle Fuzzy stops and takes a look--and likes it here! MP3 audio.

How to Buy and Use Binoculars by Scott Richmond. Binoculars are a very handy fly fishing tool! Vickie Gardner of Alpen Optics tells you what to look for when buying a pair.

Oregon Spring Fishing--Beyond Salmonflies by Scott Richmond. Jack Hagan of Northwest Fly Fishing Outfitters talks to Westfly about 20 years in the fly shop business. And about spring fly fishing opportunies. MP3 audio.

Casting for Recovery by Scott Richmond. Casting for Recovery uses fly fishing to help women in various stages of breast cancer. Scott Richmond interviews Scott Humphrey and his daughter Megan about how this compassionate and healing program works. Audio, 6:32

Red Redemption by Scott Richmond. Uncle Fuzzy joins Captain Scott Wagner and goes fly fishing for redfish. And practices his mantra.

Why the Klamath Matters by Scott Richmond. The Klamath River flows through Oregon and Washington and is an incredible resource--and amazing fishery. Learn what's right, what's wrong, and why it all matters.

Tower of Doom or Tower of Better River Management? by Scott Richmond. Westfly talks to Don Ratliff, senior biologist at the Pelton/Round Butte project, about the mixing tower that is changing the way you fish the Deschutes River. If you fly fish the Deschutes for trout or steelhead, you'll want to hear this! MP3 audio.

Twas the Day After Christmas, and Out on the River by Scott Richmond. A bit of post-Christmas amusement . . . (short audio)

Grayling and Salmon in Alaska's Interior by Scott Richmond. Uncle Fuzzy and his bride go fly fishing with guide Reed Morisky near Fairbanks. While not usually thought of as a fly-fishing destination, the Alaska Interior offers surprising opportunities for anglers.

Managing Wolves in Denali National Park by Scott Richmond. Wolves are an important part of the ecology of Denali National Park. But how do you deal with an animal that doesn't understand human boundaries?

Kantishna Roadhouse--An Eco-Lodge in Denali Park by Scott Richmond. At the end of a 92-mile gravel road, Kantishna Road House is a great base for exploring Denali National Park. Oh, and they have a dandy grayling stream in the front yard.

Getting the Most From Denali National Park by Scott Richmond. Paul Anderson, superintendent of Denali National Park, talks to Westfly about how to get the most out your visit to this awesome national treasure.

Grayling from the Jack River, Alaska by Scott Richmond. The Jack River is near Denali National Park, and anyone headed that way should look into the grayling fishing. This fishing trip is with Alex Hundertmark of Denali Fly Fishing Guides.

How to Catch a Train--and a Fish--in Alaska by Scott Richmond. Looking for a good, inexpensive way to reach uncrowded fishing water in Alaska? Learn how in this interview with Steve Culver of Alaska Railroad. Audio feature in MP3 format, 11:15 long.

Interview: Jon Bauer on Precision Fly Reels by Scott Richmond. Uncle Fuzzy discusses precision fly reels with Jon Bauer of Bauer Reel. Are sealed drag systems a good idea or not? And what's the next great thing in fly reel design? Audio feature in MP3 format, 10:45 long.

Fishing the Film, by Gary Borger by Marc G. Williamson. Learn what flies and presentations work best when fishing on or near the water's surface. Must-read for anglers who want to understand what's happening!

Bill Baake on the Impact of Hatcheries by Scott Richmond. Native Fish Society executive director Bill Baake discusses the problems of salmon and steelhead hatcheries and their impact on your fly fishing.

Western Rivers Conservancy Projects by Scott Richmond. Don Elder of the Western Rivers Conservancy summarizes some of their large projects around the West--which all seem to benefit fly fishing enthusiasts! MP3 format, 4:05 long.

Glide Wildflower Show by Scott Richmond. The annual wildflower show in Glide, Oregon, displays over 600 species of wildflowers in one place at one time. If you enjoy the natural environment, this is must-see event. This feature is in MP3 format and is 9:28 long.

Building Boats at Alumaweld by Scott Richmond. Alumaweld, a leader Northwest boat builder, takes us on a tour of their factory near Medford, Oregon. Learn how boats are built! This feature is in MP3 format and is 7:05 long; it includes nine photos.

Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species by Scott Richmond. Invasive species such as mud snails and didymo can destroy a fishery, and anglers are a major cause of the problem. How you can prevent their spread. Are felt soles a problem? Audio feature (7:40).

Interview: Jack Ohman by Scott Richmond. Scott Richmond interviews Jack Ohman, political cartoonist for the Oregonian newspaper and author of the books Fear of Fly Fishing and Angler Management. Audio feature.

A Visit to the Murtha Ranch on the John Day River by Scott Richmond. Scott Richmond takes a trip to the John Day river in eastern Oregon and fishes on the Murtha Ranch. This property has been purchased by the Western Rivers Conservancy. Listen to the audio feature and learn why this is good news for fly anglers.

Hunting Trout in the Trees with Chris O'Donnell by Scott Richmond. Uncle Fuzzy goes fishing on the Deschutes with Chris O'Donnell, and discovers that one of the best places to find trout is in the trees.

Close Encounters of the Moose Kind by Scott Richmond. What should scare you the most when you're in the north woods? Grizzlies? Cougars? Nope, it's a mother moose with a calf. Three people tell stories of moose encounters that could have ended badly.

Bugwater by Scott Richmond. Stunning close-up photos of aquatic insects in their natural habitat, superb and insightful text. This book will make you a better fly fisher!

Fly Fishing for Sailfish in Costa Rica by Scott Richmond. Costa Rica is a mecca for anglers seeking pacific sailfish. While fly fishing for them is different than anything most anglers have ever done, the rewards are great. They may even fulfill longheld dreams!

Rise by Glenn Zinkus. The latest offering from the team that produced the critically-acclaimed film Drift is even better than its predecessor.

Fly Fishing for Pike--The Basics by Scott Richmond. Basic tactics for fly fishing for pike in Alaska.

Rainbow River Lodge by Scott Richmond. A first-class fly-out fly-fishing lodge.

Once in a Blue Moon by Glenn Zinkus. Breathtaking video of fly fishing for New Zealand trout during a "mouse" hatch.

Fly Fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat in Puget Sound by Chester Allen. Fly fishing for sea-run cutthroat in Puget Sound may be the best--and least understood--fishery in western Washington. Here are enough tips on tides, flies, food, and tactics to get you started.

Bonefish -- A Fishing Odyssey by Glenn Zinkus. If you go fly fishing for bonefish--or just like hot fish in tropical surroundings--you'll love this DVD.

Home Pool by Monica Mullen. A excellent collection of short stories.

The Clinch Knot by Monica Mullen. A crackerjack fly fishing mystery novel set in Livingston, Montana.

Drift by Glenn Zinkus. Outstanding adventure fly fishing DVD.

Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying by Rex Baldwin. A thorough tutorial of basic tying techniques. Cover 17 fundamental patterns.

Fish Food by Moon Mullen. Ralph Cutter takes you through 39 different food forms that fish eat, including photos, drawings, and matching flies.

A Passion for Steelhead by Glenn Zinkus. Steelhead guru Dec Hogan shares insights from three decades of guiding and chasing steelhead.

The Trout Whisperers by Moon Mullen. A humorous novel about two fly fishers in search of a mythical stream.

The Rise by Moon Mullen. Paul Schullery reexamines the manner and reasons a trout rises to a fly. His ideas will change how you think about hatches and fly design.

Rod Rage by Glenn Zinkus. A guide to angling ethics and etiquette

Rotary Fly-Tying Techniques by Howard Palmer. Rotary tying vises are very efficient, especially when you know the right techniques. Al and Gretchen Beatty have a book that tells you how.

Fishing Tandem Flies by Marc Williamson. Double your flies, double your catch? Sometimes it makes sense!

The Fry Fish Class by Sylvia Beene. Beginning fly fishing from a woman's perspective.

Barr Flies by Glenn Zinkus. A superb book by the originator of the Copper John, Barr Emerger, and other standard western trout flies.

Fly Fisherman's Guide to Saltwater Prey by Monica Mullen. Saltwater prey and their imitations are discussed by a biologist who knows his subject.

Fly Fishing Pioneers and Legends of the Northwest by Moon Mullen. They blazed a trail in the water. Find out who they were and what they did.

Oregon Fishing by Moon Mullen. A new guidebook to Oregon fishing.

Driftboats and River Dories by Randy Dunbar. Everything you wanted to know about driftboats.

Fly-Fishing for Smallmouth Bass by Randy Dunbar. A review of Bob Clouser's book on smallmouth bass.

Winter Reflections by Nate Taylor. In winter, anglers often contemplate summer fishing. What about the fly fisher who reflects on winter fishing during the salmonfly hatch?

Trevally and Hope by Scott Richmond. It was the fish I wanted more than any other.

Rod Crafting by David Golobay. A pictorial history of more than a century of rod building.

Clouser's Flies by David Golobay. There's more to Bob Clouser than Clouser Minnows, as this fly tying book shows.

American Creek Logistics by Scott Richmnd. Details for setting up a float trip on American Creek.

American Creek Diary by Scott Richmnd. American Creek in Alaska's Katmai Wilderness offers some of the finest trout fishing in Alaska. Follow along for the fish and the adventure.

Fishing the Flathead with Justin Lawrence by Scott Richmond. The Flathead basin has become one of Montana's top fly fishing destinations. Thanks to catch-and-release regulations, the westslope cutts get bigger every year and are eager for a dry fly.

Fly-Fish Better by Eric Hillerns. Art Scheck's new book shares practical insights learned from unexpected places--and explodes a few myths.

BugBagz Entomology Kit by David Golobay. A nifty kit for the budding entomologist.

The Ultimate Fishing Pal by Tradd Duggan. Sometimes the best fishing buddy has four legs.

Blue Damsel Lodge by Scott Turner. This delightful lodge is on one great trout stream . .. and near three others.

A Fix-It Kit for Fishing by Scott Richmond. How to save a fishing trip from ruin.

Sharpen Your Mental Hooks by Luke Patrick. What can fly anglers learn from Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods? Plenty!

Backing by Scott Richmond. There's more to backing than most anglers believe. Westfly talks to some experts about this often-ignored part of fly tackle.

UV Knot Sense by Scott Richmond. A handy product that can save your trip.

Green River Virgins by Heather McNeil. Mallory Burton's excellent collection of short stories shows the difference--not between men and woman, but between fly anglers and ordinary people.

The Woman of Passion by Scott Richmond. Fiction. Or is it?

Backing Splices by Scott Richmond. Sometimes you need to splice two pieces of backing together. Here's how. And a neat and practical tip on why you should do it.

Still Life with Brook Trout by Jay Pasquantonio. John Gierach works his magic in his latest book

Quick Tip: Trailer Trouble by Scott Richmond. What do you do when your trailer breaks down while you're on a fishing trip?

Thoughts on Knots (And Leaders) by Joe Richter. Think knot strength is all there is to it. Nope--there's more to knots than that--and more to strong leaders than strong knots

Close Encounters of the Worst Kind by Luke Patrick. What kind of situation is most likely to take the zip out of your fishing trip? And what can you do about it?

Cathy Beck's Fly-Fishing Handbook by Hugh O'Donnell. This book is aimed at women who are new to the sport. Will male readers find it useful, too?

Fishing Small Flies by Hugh O'Donnell. Engle's new book is as good and useful as his companion volume, Tying Small Flies

How to Fly-Fish by Heather McNeill. Are you new to fly fishing? Is this book for you?

Fly Fishing for Beginners by Joel Strimling. Is this a good book for a beginning fly angler? Short answer: maybe, but probably not.

Tying Small Flies by Charlie Chambers. What's the next best thing to having a mentor help you tie small, practical flies? Ed Engle writing a book about the subject.

Cane Rods: Tips and Tapers by James Piotrowski. If you're into cane rods, is this a book you'll want in your library? Maybe, maybe not.

A Mid-Winter's Delight by Anthony Quirini. A mild winter has given Rocky Mountain fly fishers opportunities not normally seen at this time of year. But what's the price?

Midge Magic by David Golobay. All trout--even big ones--devour tiny midges. This book catalogs the types of patterns that imitate these minute flies and shows how to tie them.

There's a Full Moon Tonight by Joel La Follette. Can a full moon prevent a fly fisher from finding an eight-pound bull trout?

Bottoms Up! by Jeff Morgan. It's never too soon to start thinking about--bottoms and Booby?

Ask the Pros: Finding Leaks in Waders by Scott Richmond. Sooner or later your waders are going to leak. Finding the holes is the hardest part of fixing them. Here's how to do it.

Westfly Donates Money to Aid Deschutes Steelhead by Scott Richmond. Westfly donated money to the Oregon Water Trust to help secure a key water right on a major steelhead spawning tributary.

Interview: John Gierach by Scott Richmond. Writer John Gierach talks with Westfly about his new book and what's right--and wrong-with Western fly fishing.

How I Caught 60 Steelhead in One Hour by Scott Richmond. It's like Scrabble. And dog years.

Lights! Camera! Fishing Book! by Scott Richmond. Hollywood fame comes tantalizingly close to westfly's editor. A true story.

Fly Fishing for Puget Sound Coho Salmon by Scott Richmond. You don't need to go to the tropics to experience great saltwater fly fishing.

An Angler's Guide to the Oregon Cascades by Scott Richmond. Looking for new and innovative fly patterns? Wondering where the little-known fly fishing waters are?

Driftboats: A Complete Guide by Terry W. Sheely. A new book reviews the history as well as how to buy, care for, and use a driftboat.

What Gingrich and Clinton Taught Me About Flies by Frank Pisciotta. In fly fishing as in politics, truth sometimes lies in the middle.

You Can't CF Without a FCF by Gene Trump. You Can't CF Without a FCF.

Quick Tip: Dealing with the Spring Runoff by Scott Richmond. In case you hadn't noticed, it's been a cold, wet winter. And all that white stuff in the mountains is going to melt and affect our fishing. Learn how to improve your chances of good fishing

Tragedy Comes Too Close by Scott Richmond. A friend drowns in a fishing accident. Could it have been prevented?

Yuk! Gross! Disgusting! by Scott Richmond. We all gotta go sometime. Personal hygiene when angling.

Three Never-Fail Rules of Fly Fishing by Scott Richmond. A humorous look at the collision of science and fishing. The author, after much searching, discovers three invariable and infalible laws that govern fishing.