Privacy Statement

Westfly does not give out lists of its members and users. E-mail addresses are kept within Westfly and are not shared with anyone else.

Westfly uses "cookies" to individualize some pages and to save Board (Forum) users from having to log in each time they make a post. "Cookies" are the internet's standard method of identifying an individual user's computer. It consists of putting a unique identifier on a user's machine, which may then be retrieved later. You have the option of turning off the cookies feature in your browser preferences, however parts of the website will then not work as well or as conveniently for you.

Third parties, such as Google, may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served by this website. This common practice on the internet. Advertising is the only source of revenue for Westfly. Westfly is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and all revenue is used to keep the website on the air or to fund projects that are of benefit to Western fly anglers.

If you have questions or concerns about privacy issues, please go to the "Contact" page and let us know.